Hi! I’m Ally, I am a true Georgia peach, born and raised in the south! My husband and I are high-school sweethearts and have been together including marriage for almost 23 years! Yes that’s correct friends, it boggles my mind just as much as yours! We live in a white farmhouse that we built and designed about 3 years ago. We have two amazing kids, Chase and Izzy and two sweet siamese kitties. This farmhouse blog has become a mixture of our life and all things home related that I love. My husband and I have a passion for everything related to home building and design. This passion really started from the very beginning of our marriage and has never stopped! I love the process of a new home build or renovation, and I love decorating! We are always planning our next project, wether it be a house flip, a new spec build, or a new personal home build. I like to say my husband is really the talent behind everything you see on my page and really the reason I started this Instagram home journey. Once we finished our farmhouse build I felt a overwhelming need to get his work out there. I wasn’t sure how or where but I started with Instagram and here we are! He’s a licensed contractor in 3 states, as well as a licensed real-estate broker in Georgia. His full time job is owning and maintaining two successful roofing companies, one in Georgia and one in Florida. I am constantly amazed by his drive, knowledge and success in everything he does. I always say he really is my own version of Chip Gaines! Aside from being extremely talented in the world of construction I know he will always keeps me laughing and always value my opinions on projects. We have built two personal homes and flipped a few as well. We just recently purchased a beach home that we fully renovated. We currently have plans in the works for future beach home builds and we are so excited about sharing that with all of you! Our love of vacationing on the Gulf Coast and admiring all the amazing architecture of the area started many years ago and we feel so blessed that we are getting the chance turn what was once a dream into a reality. I hope you enjoy following along with us on this crazy home building journey we are on and maybe find a little bit inspiration as well!